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Frequently asked questions

  • How many dogs duo you have?
    • 109 Alaskan huskies and 1 Alaskan malamute (18.8.2023)

  • Why do you have so many Alaskan huskies?
    • Each team need 4-6 huskies in front of so with 10 guests teams you need already 40-60 dogs and guides teams. Also some of the huskies are younger, older or for example recovering from some illness so they can’t work yet.
    • We need an amount of dogs to do the tours when it’s busy in the winter. And we also plan that dogs don’t run each day. So to be able to do the busy winter months, we need this amount of dogs. It’s not to much to take care off, and enough to make a good run-rest schedule for each dog. We choose for Alaskan huskies because they’re in general a bit faster and more social than other breeds of sled dogs.
  • Why do Alaskan huskies look different?
    • Alaskan husky is not an exact breed but it is the most common working dog type for sledging all over the world. The lungs and heart a big enough and shape of body is the best for this type of running for a dog. Also there is different lines of breeding: short distance, mid distance and long distance and of course all have their own type of opinion of length and thickness of fur and quality of paws etc.
  • How much food they eat/day?
    • Our dogs are having both industrial dry food and raw meat. Usually food amount varies from 400g – 800g / dry food/dog/day and from 500g-1kg meat/dog/day depending on dogs age, activity and work also with weather temperatures. 
  • How old they live?
    • Up about 14 years

  • What do you do when dog can not run safaris anymore?
    • We keep our dogs until the end. Older dogs are the best to teach youngsters good behavior on lines. Our older dogs are used also for safaris but mainly so that they are in guides teams with teaching youngster or on evening safaris where guides are driving and there more dogs so that the work is mainly using brains and running to keep muscles and body in shape.

  • Do you sell or give dogs away?
    • No, dogs will mostly stay with us all their live

  • Do you have puppies?
    • We have usually 1-3 litters per year and we try to have them born in spring/summer so that we will have more time for them.

  • Do dogs live outside all the time?
    • Yes. They have a good fur. And the roof and bottom of the dog houses are insulated. They also have a lot of straw in their houses, what also keeps them warm.

  • Why some dogs are on the cages and others on the chains?
    • Some of our dogs like we people are happier to live alone and some needs more companion to play or to live with. Some dogs also are like monkeys and clime out to make a little hassle and sassle.
    • Most dogs like to live with a friend. However some dogs have a high energy level, and they like to run around all day. Even after they’ve been running on safari’s. On a chain they can run around on full speed if they want. They can’t do that in a kennel. An other reason is that some dogs climb out of the kennel. And some dogs are dominant to other dogs, and like to have their own space. They can run with other dogs, but don’t really like to live with an other dog.

  • How many kilometers one dog can run/day?
    • For working it would be good that the “working age dogs 4 – 9 yrs” could run about 45-65km/day with one or two days of and then younger and older ones of course somewhere between 25 – 40km a day.
    • It depends a little bit how busy we are. In the high season it’s a bit more then in January and February. In December it can be up to 60km a day. Later in the winter up to 40km a day. Young dogs and the older dogs won’t run that much. And we also change a dog, when we notice he/she is getting tired.

  • How many people are working on kennel?
    • Our company employs about 15 people during the main season and full time we are 4.

  • What do you do in summer?
    • Our business idea is to offer variety of guided nature and wilderness tours all around the year. So we offer husky hiking, trekking, bike tours, canoeing tours, sup board and rowing boat rental, nature wilderness cabin accommodation, outdoor cooking, horse riding, husky cart tours, camping area etc.

  • What do dogs do in summer?
    • In summer we have hiking programs for our guest’s. So we take some dogs and go for a walk in the forest. When it’s colder then 12 degrees, we can also train them with husky carts. It looks a little bit like a sled, but with wheels. We also have an area where there are no dogs living in summer, where we can free run the dogs, so they can play an interact with each other. That’s also the way we introduce our youngest dogs to the adults in the main kennel. We sometimes also take some dogs to the river or pond close by, and go for a swim with them.

  • How many horses do you have?
    • We have 9 Finnish horses

  • What is the Finnish horses breed?
    • Finnish horse is the only native horse breed in Finland. And it’s a breed that can be used for many different things. From Dressage to a real working horse, and everything in between.

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