Experience luxurious wilderness night
magical northern lights
purest and cleanest air

Have a luxurious night in a calmness of forest in Finnish Lapland. Take deep breaths of purest forest air and be amazed by the arctic sky with stars and northern lights. Feel and taste the authentic Finnish happiness with us.

Polar Lights Tours - Horse riding in Lapland


Summer other experiences
Polar Lights Tours
Levi Lapland Finland

Polar Lights Tours - Barrel sauna in Lapland

Barrel sauna – relax in the middle of the Lappish nature

Experience the Finnish sauna with a twist: it’s a gigantic barrel with a traditional wood-heated stove.

Polar Lights Tours - Berry picking in Lapland

Berry picking – superfood straight from the pure, unpolluted forest

Our guide will take you to the forest, through various landscapes and tells you about the delicacies of the several…

Polar Lights Tours - Hiking in Lapland

Hiking under the Northern lights

Aurora Borealis can be seen actually all year around on the sky but the best time to see them is…

Polar Lights Tours - Lapland in summer night

Overnight in a tent in the middle of the wilderness

Have a different night out and spend a night in a large tent in a Lappish forest.

Polar Lights Tours - Ounasjoki paddling

Paddling trip to river Ounasjoki – a half-day canoeing trip for adults

What can be better way to breathe the fresh pure air than being in a canoe, paddling and enjoying the…


Winter other experiences
Polar Lights Tours
Levi Lapland Finland

Farm visit with traditional Christmas rice porridge

Welcome to enjoy atmosphere of Christmas with us.

Fatbike tour in snowy forest

Come with us to enjoy the Lappish winter nature with E-fatbikes. We will drive along small snow covered forest roads…